Wade's Paradise

I moved to paradise in August of 2005. Volcan Panama is beautiful, and the people here are great.

September, I found a house I liked, and we closed on it in mid October.  I had a contractor with a crew lined up and ready to start remodeling as soon as we closed. We completely remodeled, went from a three bedroom, single bath, to two bedroom two bath, enlarged the master bedroom and added a master bath, there will be some before and after photos in the photo section.  I gave the contractor three weeks to complete the remodeling, they worked night and day, and we were able to move in the 10th of November.
I say we because, I met and became involved with a beautiful Panamena lady, named Belgica (pronounced Bell-hee-kah), she started helping me pick the colors, tile, ceiling, cabinets, and just about everything involved with the remodeling, so I asked her if she wanted to move in with me, good move, she has been by my side ever since.  I had her quit her job as a teacher at the university in David, forty miles down the mountain, the pay wasn't very good, and she was spending half of her paycheck riding the bus there and back, leaving at 6 am and not getting back until 6:30 pm, hell, I wanted her here with me.
Belgica spoke very little english when we first met, and my spanish was almost non-existent, but amazingly we communicated pretty well, her english is improving, but my spanish still sucks, we have a spanish/english dictionary that is beginning to show signs of wear. ha

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